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C-Life: Eco-System for a Smarter Home

2015-8-31 13:58| Views: 3105

HeT hosted the C-Life Release Conference at Shenzhen Expo Center on August 20th, 2015. Jeffrey Liu, CEO of HeT, spoke at the event. He introduced the features and potential of the C-Life platform as part of a bigger picture of building a smart home eco-system.

The Secretary of China Textile Association, representatives from Shanghai Linnei, SolarEast, Mengjie Textile, Goodnight Furniture, Microsoft China and Haodou.com attended the release ceremony.

C-Life Cloud, C-Life Sleep System, C-Life Beauty System and more were shown for the first time at the event. 

C-Life Cloud


C-Life Cloud is a platform that connects and interacts with people, devices and other resources. Its design is centered on family life.


C-Life Sleep System


The system connects to multiple devices to monitor the heart rate, breathing, movement and more. The system then adjusts the devices to manage the settings in the bedroom to create an ideal environment for sleep.


C-Life Beauty System


The set includes a skin scanner, facial cleaner, facial moisturizer, face mask enhancer and more devices. They are all managed by the cloud platform to provide timely feedback. 

There have been questions about why HeT would cross over to smart appliances and what makes C-Life platform special compared to other smart home platforms. Liu replied that HeT had been an expert in intelligent control with 16 years experience. Intelligent control acts as the brain and heart in electronics; it determines how advanced a product is. HeT has the technology to develop smart appliances.

Liu claimed that C-Life was the first platform to support a wide range of industries with various services and value sharing mechanisms. Since the previous year, Sleemon, Menglai Textile, Lovo, Goodnight Home and more companies had partnered with HeT. The Smart Mattress from Sleemon and SMART-X from Goodnight Home, along with other new products, would have their debut soon.

With the development the Internet Plus concept, the smart home appliances industry is becoming more mature. It is reasonable to believe that the age of smart homes is coming and here to stay.

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